When planning a new luxury home, if you settle for a builder that is not the right fit, it is you who loses out. The builder still receives payment for the construction, but you are possibly left with a tough design process and delayed timelines, and cost overruns, with the result being an unfavorable experience, lots of stress, and an inadequate home. Learning more about the qualities you need to seek out when hiring a boutique home builder for your luxury design needs, ensures you find the right fit for your next home construction project. Check out three top qualities below to look for in your home builder.

A Commitment to Quality

The luxury home you are hoping to construct is not temporary; it’s part of your legacy. You will hopefully live out the rest of your days there and you want the home to be of the highest quality. As a new homeowner, you don’t want to worry about potential structural repairs or issues with the systems of the home. The boutique builder you choose needs to be committed to quality. They will understand not only your current needs, but also help to “future proof” your home as you age in place. Providing systems that are both healthy for you and healthy for the home, using the most advance technologies.

One of the qualities of an exceptional builder is their technical knowledge of the many materials and products that will be used in your home. Another, is knowing your lifestyle, physical needs, wants, etc. so recommendations may be made that are suitable in providing you a healthy, high performance home.

Clear Communication

There is nothing worse than hiring a company to complete a job for you only to find out that they do not communicate clearly. With a boutique home build, you need to be aware of every aspect, from any problems or changes to the timeline of the home. You will want to have a good relationship with the boutique firm in order to avoid headaches as the process is completed.

From the very beginning, you need to be able to communicate well with your builder. Find out the methods of communication they offer. Do they take a long time to respond? Building a home fits into a certain time table. If decisions need to be made, you need to be able to communicate quickly with the builder to ensure you get what you want during the construction phase.

Find a builder that treats you with respect and will stay in constant contact with you so that you stay in the know when it comes to the home construction. Details should be provided regularly involving the products used, estimates for installations, timelines and more.


An ideal boutique builder will also focus on being timely when completing the project. When setting up the estimate for the timetable of completion, the builder needs to be realistic and offer you a reasonable timetable to complete the project and meet the deadline. It is not uncommon for delays to occur, but the builder needs to maintain a mindset that the timeline will be reached.
When it comes to the best home builders, they are not focused solely on completing a construction project and moving on to a new client. They take great pride in offering a new home constructed on a budget, with quality products and reaching the estimated timeline.

When it comes to your boutique home build, rely on an experienced company like The Ferraro Group. Comprised of highly-skilled individuals, the boutique home builder works to build a long-term relationship with clients, focusing on offering an energy-efficient luxury home with timeless architecture and beautiful design.