The term boutique home builder defines a company that intentionally limits the number of luxury homes they (design and) build at any one time. Their focus is on creating the exceptional, high performance home with timeless architecture that will endure for generations. With a boutique builder assisting with the construction of a new home, the home will provide a custom look and feel designed based on fine details. Boutique builders focus on every detail of the construction, from the materials used in every aspect of the build, to working with the customer after the home is completed.

Quality Home Design

With a boutique architectural firm, you can rest assured that your new home will have a quality design. A boutique builder focuses on a few projects at a time and does not overwhelm themselves taking on home after home. This ensures that total focus is provided for every project, with even the minute details covered to create a quality luxury home.

As the consumer, you want your home to be high-end, from the small finishes like intricate millwork, fanciful tile work, fixtures and faucets to the larger installations such as coffered ceilings, dramatic views, and exotic flooring. With a boutique build, you are in control and can work with the builder to create the home of your dreams with the finest materials used in every aspect of the property.

Build a Perfect Floor Plan

The floor plan of your home is essential to comfort and convenience. When designing a luxury home, you have an idea in your head as to how the property will be laid out. A boutique home builder can bring your dream into reality. The builder will sit down with you and go over your wants and desires in a luxury home. He will listen and learn your wants and desires and then creatively design your home; your legacy.

From an open floor plan to larger walk-in closets, a spa bathroom or additional living space, the options are endless. With the boutique builder designing your floor plan, the elements will be of the highest quality with the builder stressing the look of luxury in the home while incorporating high performance, healthy systems and features that will accommodate future needs. Putting your home ideas to paper helps to see how the finished product will look once the construction phase is complete.

Luxury with Energy Efficiency

While you want a luxury home with your new build, you also want to focus on energy efficiency. With an energy-efficient home, you have both comfort and quality. A boutique home builder should stress the importance of energy-efficient appliances as well as Climate Control systems. Technology is constantly changing and boutique builders stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to ensure that new home builds are up to speed with the latest options for energy efficiency.

Understanding the building sciences and knowing what energy efficiency systems offer you the healthy, high performance features are tantamount to the home design. This includes climate control, air and moisture management, and insulation.

Higher Standard of Customer Service

Because a boutique home builder is not spread thin due to an overwhelming number of construction projects, you have the added benefit of a higher standard of customer service. A boutique firm provides a personalized approach to service, offering their time and attention to each client.

Every step of the process is discussed with the client to ensure every detail of the project is planned properly. The result is a beautiful home that is cost and energy efficient. The goal of boutique firms is to surpass the expectations of the client every time. Even after the deal is closed, the boutique builder is there for you, offering assistance when needed.

For a boutique home builder that can provide timeless architecture and beautiful home builds, choose The Ferraro Group. The team of highly skilled individuals can easily work with you to create an energy efficient home that is high performance and high-end.